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Aug 7, 2012

FLAX seeds benefits - How to consume flax seeds?, How much flax to consume in a day, is it safe to consume raw Flax?, how to use Flax seed oil? Benefits of Flax, Flax seeds and cancer…..

Hi Folks. Its been a while that I visited my blog. What made me occupied and away from writing was hubby's illness. He had a surprisingly increased level of triglyceride and uric acid which resulted in tremendous amount of pain in all his joints. :( :( :( 

He is better with prolonged medication along with some dietary restrictions as advised by our Ayurvedic Doctor- Vaidya Triguna. (Read more on Vaidya Triguna.)

Apart from medication, one thing that seems helping a lot is consumption of FLAX seeds (अलसी के बीज ) a rich source of Fiber and OMEGA 3 which is known as good cholesterol in a layman's language. I discovered  this magic food supplement in a mood of desperation to fight with the bad cholesterol which he was suffering from. These tiny seeds are full of fiber and OMEGA 3 and miraculously capable to address multiple health problems. The rich content of OMEGA 3 keeps our heart veins healthy and melts the bad cholesterol accumulated in our heart arteries, keeps our joints fully lubricated and thus reducing joint pain caused by damaged cartilage. Minimizes the risk of osteoporosis in a later age also. It's a high fiber content and is able to beat even acute constipation and so filling that you don't feel like eating anything for long after consuming it. This results in reduced weight. Its rich OMEGA 3 content is highly effective to treat depression also. Its oil is very beneficial to remove pigmentation and gives you a healthy skin and shiny hair growth and so on. It is a proven fact that FLAX has double the OMEGA 3 one can get in any fish oil or any other fish food including Salmon. Then why not going a veg way..

It was a struggle for me to find these seeds in the nearby market and finally I got them in a superstore. A Sindhi store who made a fool of me by selling INR 400 a kg. I bought only 200 gm as I was not sure about it's taste. Later when I explored a different market, height of my surprise they are just Rs. 160 for a kilo. I recently bought the oil which is INR 400 for a lt. Reason sharing all this to save you from such instances  ;-) 

As far as the benefits are concerned they are endless and also a lot of information available over the internet about it but..... FLAX  need to be consumed in a right manner to avail all its benefits i.e. right time to consume, right amount, raw or treated, oil or whole, accompanied with what etc. You know.. there was a medical practitioner named  Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany who successfully cured  many patients from cancer (including those who were on the advance stage )  and her treatment revolved only around FLAX,  in its different forms. Oil, soup, saus, powder etc.. She was a vegetarian and always promoted a veg diet as a prevention of cancer. She used to put her patients on a regime of FLAX diet + FLAX oil massage + wheat grass juice +Yoga and breathing techniques. This as a whole was able to recover many patients from cancer. She always promoted FLAX as a one stop solution for a healthy life. Despite of her remarkable contribution she was never be able to be into the limelight. Pharma industry giants never let it happen as this was a potential threat to the multimillion business of cancer treatment across the world.

Raw Alsi / Flax Seeds  
{Courtesy Google}
Ok back to the point, here I am trying to compile all the information /  knowledge in bullets which I have collected after hour's of research and a couple of books on FLAX seeds health benefits  as a ready to use guide for all you folks.
  • Flax can be consumed at any age.
  • Flax can be consumed row and treated both. Row seeds can be consumed directly in a form of Chatni (saus) but only in a small quantity. (2-3 teaspoon a day). Raw flax seed contains the chemical hydrogen cyanide (HCN) or cyanogenic glucosides which can be toxic if consumed in large quantities Once can  prepare sprouts of Flax and also prepare.
  • Another simple way to consume Flax is to roast them on slow to medium heat as treating it in high temperature has a bad effect on its Omega 3 content. Grind them coarse in a mixer grinder / coffee grinder and store it in a airtight jar. Don't prepare more than 200 gm at once as this can’t be stored for long. It will smell as roasted sesame seeds and one can consume around 1 teaspoon each morning and evening with cold to normal water or with curd.
  • This powder can be consumed up to 60 gm in a day however the quantity should be increased gradually starting from one tea spoon. You can use the powder as a topping for your salad also.
  • Its oil can also be consumes twice a day , around 8 to 10 Drops in 1/2 cup of cold or lukewarm water. 
  • Oil can directly be applied on pigmentation at bedtime. It will removes the pigmentation from your skin if applied and consumed patiently for a long time.
  • As per Ayurveda Flax is hot in nature and as such should not be consumed in high quantity during summers, especially in places where summer season comes with high temperature. However 1 teaspoon a day with cold to normal water is acceptable and doesn't seem to have any adverse effects on health in any weather conditions.
  • There is no specific guideline on how to consume it i.e empty stomach or with meals etc. One can have it in the morning empty stomach with water followed by breakfast and in evening on the same pattern.
  • Flax is safe for kids however the quantity can be determined as per their age.
  • Flax demands a lot of water intake due to its high fiber content. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily after consuming Flax.
  • Flax is filling when added in the flour to prepare bread / roti etc. It helps in reducing weight and increases right BMR.  How to prepare Flax Roti  (will upload soon)
  • Flax is a great supplement for people who want to build a great body. A good alternative to the protein power supplements. 
  • One point solution for constipation. It just goes off. 
  • And at the top of it Flax is a great anti cancer proposition. Unfortunately if someone is fighting with cancer - Flax is a remedy to beat it to a great extent. 

You know when I shared all this with my Mom what I came to know is -  in her childhood days they used to consume chatni and laddo of Alsi all through winters. Crux of the story is that Flax was always there as part of our life. Probably we as today's generation are more fascinated with only things which come in glossy packaging and attractive branding and that's why Alsi is back in a commercialized from of "PACKAGED  FLAX SUPPLEMENT".These are at least four times high the price it actually cost you.  We happily pay and buy these supplements and consume as our gim instructor /  doctor ask us to do. And you know what?  the price a farmer actually gets from these Pharma companies is too less than the price they market it as a packaged food supplement. Sad isn’t it..  
It’s anyways easily available in most of the grocesory stores as raw seeds. Let’s go back to our basics... simple, cost effective and easy to do.. Flax is one stop solution to a good healthy life. Go get it .. at just INR 140 for a Kg. ;)

Wish you all a happy and healthy life

 cya:  Kaivi

PS: All queries are most welcome.

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  1. Hi Kaivi,

    Many thanks to you. I am kamal from pune (India) Fax seeds availiable here at Rs.80/-per kg. if need in large qty. contact me

    1. Hi kaivi

      I m Varsha from haryana. My husband suggest me to take alsi mixed with chapatis but i n confused about the quantity per person. Plz tell me.

    2. Please send me 10 kg alsi at Jaipur Rajasthan. My contact no is. 9828622228.

  2. Hi ! Kaivi,
    My Mother also used to make ladoos of Alsi seeds during winter.
    It is nourishing and tasty too.
    Unfortunately i have not done the same for my kids.
    Thanks for helping me remember.
    Please keep up the good work for benefit of mankind.
    Also share, if possible, as how to make various food items using Flax (Alsi) seeds.

    Warm Regards.

  3. Thanks Mr.Singh. Will surely post recipes of Alsi which I prepare for my family.

    Once again thanks for visiting my page and posting a comment.


  4. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through
    Google, and found that it's truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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  5. Hai Kaivi..i am really impressed with ur article, its very informative and i am also now a days using flax seads..i try to put crushed flax seed on top of dosha, chapathi, curry ..etc. it never had a bad even my 8 year old son eats it without any complaint :)..once again thanks a lot for the good work...

  6. Hi Latha,

    Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. You can even prepare Chatni with Flax seeds and use it as a spread on the bread etc. Will post my recipe shortly.

    Thanks for joining me and I must say you look beautiful in the family pics posted on Picasa. Hope you will enjoy what all is posted on this blog.



  7. Hai .. Kaivi this is udai ..... thanks a lot for your informative write-up. I got flax seeds a week and now come to know how to use. Please keep posting healthy tips. Thanks a lot once again

  8. Thanks for the udpate Kavi.. I used to consume Flaxseed oil capsules, however I guess it is better to have them in its raw form.

  9. thank for healthy knowledge,will start having flax seed soon,

  10. Many thanks for information dear!

  11. thanks kaivi i appreciate ur artical it is informative keep on Faiz

  12. hii suchit khalpada here, nice article,ur blog reflects ur personality,i have just started using of alsi nd collect more information about it and its really helpful for me to gain knowledge of flax seeds.

  13. Hi Suchit. Thanks for your comment and stopping by. Hope this article helped you get benefited with Flax seeds goodness.

    Wishing you good health.


  14. Indeed Yoga provides you with numerous physical benefits. To begin with, it helps to improve your posture. Maintaining right postures helps to eliminate back related problems.

  15. Hi Kaivi,
    I am Poonam. Saw your blog for the first time today. You are really doing a great job.
    Your garden pics of tomatoes, okra flower,calandula flowers ,your poem about your father and your articles on health etc,......everything is wonderful. God bless you.

  16. Thanks Poonam for your words of appreciation. I am delighted that you liked my blog.. keep visiting..

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful information.

  18. Many thanks kavi-myself amit frm Lucknow

  19. Hi Kaivi , I am Pramod frm Dehradun

    Recently started using flax seeds for high cholestrol as suggested by some friend but in whole form. Somehow realised that my be due to tough outer covering it is leaving undigested. For past few days , I have been chewing the same as I was unsure ,how to consume the same. Going through your blog i am going to ground the same. many thanx . It is very informative blog.

  20. Some one told me that it is not good to consume flax seeds in summers. Pl clarify.

  21. Someone told me not to consume flax seeds in summets when tempratures are any where between 40 to 45 degrees. Could u please clarify.

  22. Can I consume one table spoon ground flax seeds mixed in curd in hot summers ?

  23. It is available for Rs.7/8 in DMart and Rs.10 from local shop for 100 gms. Which is 70-100 bucks / kilo

  24. Great post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte
    more on this topic? I'd be very thankful if you could elaborate a
    little bit more. Many thanks!

    My web-site; Free Diets

  25. Hi Kaivi, I am Mani. I have been recently diagnosed for rise in my Blood Sugar & Cholesterol. Many thanks for sharing such a health beneficial information. I wish to buy and use it personally.

    Can you provide me through SMS the Phone and Contact address of Mr. Kamal from Pune (India) he had mentioned above fax seeds are available at Pune for Rs.80/-per Kg. I am from New Delhi & my Contact Mobile No.09868121312. Another person have mentioned that Flax Seed is available at Rs.7/8 from D-Mart and Rs.10 from local shop for 100 Gms. D-Mart do not have there branch here in New Delhi.

  26. Hi Kaivi,
    How to consume Flex seeds in Summer (Delhi Summer)?
    My husband has the level of 514 of triglycerides, please help how to consume the seeds in summer?

    1. Hi Neha, flex can be taken during summers also. it can be mixed with curd and also be consumed by mixing with chhach / mattha. or even cab be mixed with the atta (wheat flour) to prepare chapatis / bread.. highly beneficial to treat high cholesterol / triglycerides.

      All the best..

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  28. Hi, Can some suggest a good online vendor links or places that selll Flax seeds in A.P.


  29. Thanks a lot for sharing such a beneficial information. Actually one Cardiologist all have recommended for the same and have described it as very beneficial for heart. I have been seeking information about Ulsi for long. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Hi Kavi,
    Thanks a Lot for sharing beneficial information about flex.Actually my weight is 82 kgs n i am 35 yrs old,plz tell me to to take flex.n it will work for weight loss or not

  31. As suggested on a site I added 3 teaspoon of un-roasted ground flax seed powder in boiling water and stored in thermos at night.Next day I drank this water for weight loss.But after 5th day I had to stop it due to cough and cold.Is there any relation between cough and cold and flaxseeds?BTW I ost 1 kg 300 gms in 5 days.My last purchase was at 100 INR/KG for n-roasted flaxseeds(DELHI-DARWAJA/MADHUPURA bazar-AHMEDABAD).On earlier occassions I paid 30INR/100 gms(NAVRANGPURA-smalltime kiranawala AHMEDABAD) for roasted flaxseeds

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  33. Dear kaivi,

    I am from UP and at our place this flax seed is called teesi and is used as evening snack.

    It is roasted and ground to coarse powder and mixed with powdered sugar and some ground dry fruits added to it.
    It makes a great evening snack at the end of the day. It has been used since ages by even our forefathers. quantity: 5-6 heaped teaspoons of the above said mixture. No side effects or any problem known.

    Everyone out there can try this out. Contact me in case of doubt of the preparation. My mother can guide easily.

  34. Hi! Kaivi i am really impressed with your article. It iz very informative .I am using nowadays roasted flex seed after meals

  35. Hi! Kaivi i am really impressed with your article. It iz very informative .I am using nowadays roasted flex seed after meals

  36. Hi! Kaivi i am really impressed with your article. It iz very informative .I am using nowadays roasted flex seed after meals


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