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Dec 23, 2010

Just Landed !!!!!!!


                                                              Just landed on Blog Spot and am here to say Hi to you all.
Honestly speaking have no energy left to think & then write flashy and fancy wordings for my first blog entry. It was Googling for " how to create my blog and then exploring its features and setting” which has sucked and left me almost with zero sugar level. Okay no more cribbing …

Now a few lines to introduce myself. I am a fun loving person with high ambitions in life. I strongly believe in being myself. I am demanding to myself and to my relations as well. I may look weird & sound casual at times but very very much honest to whatever I do. I value my relations and can’t carry along one with any contamination. I would rather kill it right away.

A die heart animal lover.Reading, writing and exploring new things interests me. I can see things differently with a sense of creativity which is very much underutilized by me. I think I have good sense of humor as my friends say I can go crazy to any extent with my imagination coupled with my expressions (which they feel are superb) and as I explain the complete picture becomes live for them. Most importantly it is something which makes them laugh most of the times (which I feel is the best part of this story).

I am sure as we move ahead I will be sharing all my interesting experiences with you through my writings and I hope as we move ahead it will  a place you would like to visit again & again.

Taking your leave for now.


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  1. Kaivi - I'm so glad that I found you! I've tried many times "clicking" on your name hoping to find a blog . . . and today it FINALLY worked. I cannot wait to check it out.



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