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Sep 22, 2011

The story of Bingo....


One of my most challenging rescue experiences when I found a tiny (around 15 days old) white & Black puppy inside a poly bag which was knotted tightly to suffocate the little one towards a silent death. He was so small that his eyes were even completely sealed (generally it takes at least 22 days for a puppy to get the eyes fully open). I brought him home and named BINGO. It started from the doctor’s visit to feeding him and cleaning his SUSU POTTY and it went on and on and on. It was actually a challenge to help the rat size creature survive as he was not even able to suck the liquids. However we succeeded helping him survive and he became a part of our life. 

As he required a full time attention hubby managed to work from home as much as possible and at times even I used to take him along to my office and kept secretly in the store room keeping the office boy in confidence. We used to set alarms in the night to maintain his feeding schedule at 12:30am & 3 am. As a result of our hard work Bingo Survived. Finally with a heavy heart we gave BINGO to one of my office colleague who was very very keen to take a susu potty trained handsome smart fellow home.  It’s been almost three years now and he is very much happy in his family who love him like anything… 

Love you Bingo.. and we still Miss you.. 
Around a month and 10 days

Around a month and 10 days

A month old

An ever wagging tale
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