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Jan 5, 2012

Three Squirrels And My Spiritual Friendship With Them

                                                       Spiritual Friendship Series - I
Ever since I have shifted in my home the best part of life has been mornings and evenings in my balcony a place to meet all my spiritual friends. While shifting to this flat the broker advised me to fix a grid all over the balcony in order to cover it for safety reasons, but I couldn’t afford as my wallet was already suffocating due to heavy relocation & security expenses. It’s been almost five years in the same flat, and my huge balcony without a grid became the resting point, swimming pool, and bathing bar for most of them and a permanent abode for some of them. They all are my buddies and have reasonably great bonding with me and hubby. Life is fun with them.    

I call it "SPRITUAL FRIENDSHIP" a term I learned long back while reading a book on Buddhism and today I strongly feel that spiritual friendship can help us connect with anyone be it an animal, a plant, river, wind anything with an energy flow. We can talk to a plant or an animal and we immediately start exchanging energy and here itself the process starts towards spiritual bonding which ends up establishing Spiritual Friendship.

Now coming back to my Friends.. When it comes to introduce all of my friends, just one post will not be able to do justice and as such I have plans to create a series of "stories and videos" on my "Spiritual Friendship" which I will post one by one. Our bond is so strong that we exchange our feeling so well. At times they knock door and ask to fill the earthen pot with water by their unique expressions, they come in front of the balcony door and call us for food and some of them trust me to an extent to take the feed right from my hand.

As a preface of the upcoming Series on my "Spiritual Friendship" - I would love to give a brief of all of them.

  1. The Crow family first. The head of the family is the "GRANDPA CROW" who has been visiting us for last 3 years and now brings his three generations along to consume the egg yolks which are the leftovers of the breakfast. He waits silently only till 8 pm and then starts indicating that he is getting late for the breakfast followed by his entire family.
  2. A naughty gang of squirrels.
  3. A stupid and dumb looking crowd of pigeons who fight a lot and give ample opportunity to the smart squirrels to consume the biggest chunk of food.
  4. A team of sparrows who have super table etiquettes and ultra-super bonding with each other.
  5. A tiny comb of vespids hanging from the empty bottle of floor cleaner, which should have gone  ideally to the scrap long back, but still being retained just because of the comb.
  6. A family of black birds which is growing with every spring season passed. 
  7. A woodpecker who visits often but not that frequently. 

Some are friendly and some of them are super friendly such as the Naughty Squirrels.

One can watch them for hours as they are so lively and chirpy that one just can’t ignore them. They enjoy the luxuries of a multistory apartment with a park facing balcony that too without even sharing any rent with me. In each of my bathroom’s window three squirrels have knitted their nest hanging from the grill with the support of the window door. They are fantastically good in knitting using a wide range of row material right from feathers, dry grass to small stems and soft leafs. To my surprise I have also seen these little monsters stealing woolen threads from from winter outfits and fiber stuffing of my sofa cushions which I kept out in the balcony to be dried in the sunlight. And of course my kitchen towel - has a history of disappearing each out of three. The thief caught red handed and the mystery got revealed one morning, when I saw her climbing on three of her legs while my pink kitchen towel clenched in her mouth and holding it with one of her hand in order to manage its length which was almost triple of her size. I must say she managed well to run away along with the towel and ended inside her nest. I sort of knew it and as a result I quickly went inside my bathroom to see what next. She almost dragged the huge towel inside her nest and started shredding it amazingly fast. Another 30 minutes and my lovely towel turned into a pile of cuttings to be used as the bedding for the new borns coming soon. (Loco, Poco and Mayo - watch the video)  My pain of losing the new towel faded against this fantastic experience which me and hubby witnessed together from my bathroom window for days after the three little ones arrived and enjoyed winters inside their cozy bedding.

Many a times I played prank with my tiny friend to check her intelligence and she has surprised me every single time with her wit. I still remember me putting a bread piece and a walnut together on my balcony wall and wait until she comes and react. And my little fellow always carries the walnut first to her nest and keep it inside in the safe custody and then comes back to enjoy the bread ensuring she doesn’t loose anything.

I have seen her getting in to fights very often with the crow family and now I am going to share the rarest seen of my life – My little soldier slapped a pigeon intruder right in front of me. That fatso was sharing food with her and as usual trying to impress the female pigeon by dancing in circles and puffing off the fur around his neck to show his power. While doing all this he was constantly cooing as oh-oo-oor - oh-oo-oor completely disturbing my friend’s momentum, getting into her space and scattering the feed all over the wall. How can you share food with a fellow who has just no table manners? I don’t blame her for doing all this and I wanted to say even BRAVO… but hey where is she? she was not there... She gave a tight slap and ran away… ha ha ha. Smart one.. The pigeon was still in shock for getting slapped by a squirrel which I am sure must not have happened to any of his at least seven generations and more than that happing in front of his "hot prospected girlfriend". Which he must have lost forever. My little monster returned a while after the fight to check whether her victim still dares to stay there. Fortunately he left by then. Lucky you are Fatso... :)

Courtesy her no plant has survived in my balcony in last four years as she has a great taste for saplings except one indoor plant with various stems different size and shapes. This is the only survival as this one was a mature plant which I carried along when we shifted to this house. She climbs onto the pot and swing holding the lower stems of it and I just love this scene. To make her do so I keep a cashew nut on the pot and I get what I want… . She swings by one hand and another engaged tasting the cashew. Swinging while Eating…. Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing. (wish I could have captured this for you) 

Although she tastes everything, she is smart enough not to taste cheese ball which carried paprika powder inside. I purposely did this to see her reaction and height of my surprise, cheese being one of her favorite she didn’t even took a bite. Then  she created some unusual funny voice for more then 20 times, must be some kind of alarm after which -  leave aside the squirrels no body look at the cheese be it crow, sparrows, black bird not even the black aunts. What a synchronized chemistry of all folks.

This tale could go as long as the never-ending surprises my little monster gives me with each coming day but to end this story I would say we all should try to understand these coexistents as end of the day everything that has an energy flow can connect and communicate. The medium of connection may different… Mine is Spiritual Friendship…. Wanna try.. Go Ahead…


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  1. Wonderful storytelling ability...this piece held my mind right from start to the end...m eagerly waiting for the upcoming parts...especially your spiritual friendship!...

  2. Also my Thanks to the Roadside romeo... you will find much more coming on "spiritual Friendship" soon.

  3. This is Awesome, somebody in the city takes time to feel & experience the wonders of nature & tiny living beings, from Heart! They say Love is the universal launguage. Kudos to you.

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