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May 23, 2012

Monsoon in Uttaranchal (2011) - The most adventurous trip to home ever..

Uttaranchal was raining like cats and dogs as it was peak of monsoons and that's what made my most adventurous trip ever to Almora. We managed to reach back Delhi after our short vacations at home by using every possible mode of commuting i.e Flight, train, bus, rickshaw, Bullock cart, and of course on foot for miles. Some gymslips to remember the occasion which evoked my true "Pahadi" spirit.

The Beauty in Disaster


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  1. Awesome...wonderful....i mean u saw all this live...Me Jealous.....incredible pics hain to i can imagin ki live kitna magnificent hoga....lucky you maa'm....n tell us more about ur adventurous rides on rickshaw, Bullock cart ect.

    1. Sure. This is my hometown Almora a place not less than a Heaven at all. Will post more on this. And once again thanks for visiting.

  2. Kavita ji.. Yet another master blaster from you..! you always seem to be in relentless pursuit of exploring your artistic spirit..! Photography this time..!

    Well done..! My personal favourite out of all these magnificent clicks is the one wherein Hill's heart is depicted by the cluster of the clouds (I mean that is how I see it):

    Ankush Aka Abhishake

  3. Thanks Abhi.It actually looks like a heart and I didn't notice earlier :-O As far as creativity concern you too are not less then anybody else.

    You know what.. most of the pics have been taken from a running car with almost no camera settings done. Probably I was the only one enjoying the disaster and busy capturing the shots where locals don't even dare to come out from there houses and travel with a risk of life.

    It was Landslides on all major linking roads resulting a huge damage, electricity n water supply was interrupted for hours and not even a single taxi available. The one which took a risk to drop us half the way charged triple with an agreement that he will not stop anywhere not even for tea, as he wanted to return the same day. No one knew how deteriorated it will be the next day.

    This was a lifetime experience which probably I wont get a chance to experience ever. ;)

    1. Kudos to you.. Will wait for another one from you soon..! :)

      You are one artistic soul, and thats what i admire about you straight from the heart..! :)

  4. Hi Kaivi.. My mom is a cancer patient nd I was known about alsi but unknown about how to consume it but thanks a lot to you as ur article helped know how to consume it.. Now I am giving her in the powder form with water..
    Thanks Again..


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