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Dec 25, 2012

A Christmas Wish !!

I waited for a long time to write this story. Story of an ordinary tree.....

Story of an ordinary tree who was dying for no visible reasons at this very same time last year. This plant was grown in an earthen pot was originally a stem from a pile of the cuttings which someone gave to me after a pruning exercise and said  "it is an easy maintenance plant with lots of green leafs all year round." and it proved to be true to this statement. It was the first one of my balcony garden and remained the only one for around 4 years as none other survived courtesy to squirrels. Gradually I felt an attachment with this plant and we named it " Grand Pa" as it was the oldest amongst all which joined him over a period of time.

It was always up with lots of long straight stems full of dark green leafs with no demands at all. No fuss for even watering daily. It remained healthy and got mature with the passing of time and its strong lower stems invited squirrels to enjoy swings on them. I loved "Grand Pa" being the only plant in my balcony. 

In late summers last year suddenly Grand Pa started  showing all the singes which indicated a slow death for a plant. It was around Deepawali when Grand Pa visibly lookeed pale and lifeless. It's upper stems were dying and nothing helped, be it fertilizers, compost, pest spray etc. etc. I was really worried and started feeling sad for Garnd Pa. " My only green companion". Who always welcomed me in the mornings with dew capped leafs. To be honest I never missed flowers on Grand Pa and it was complete in itself with it's bushy green look.

His condition was even worst around Christmas and I didn't know what to do.. I was sure he will not be with us any more and on the morning of Christmas I decided to give him a farewell. A farewell no ordinary plant would have ever thought of.. I will give him the honor of being "My Christmas Tree". Despite of his ugly look, almost all leafs shedded off, pale stems and the signs of death "HE" became the Christmas Tree of my home. I decorated him with whatever I had. I used all my culinary skills to make it the best Christmas of my life as a tribute to Grand Pa. Orange Cake, Cinnamon Doughnuts, Dal Cutlets  etc. etc.

While doing all this I had a secret wish in my heart if I can save Grand Pa. Once I was done with all the preparations and we lit candles " I folded my hands and prayed to the Christ if at all he can bless me with a wish, I wish to save Grand Pa" .... Ameen. 

It was a memorable Christmas for us. I touched Grand Pa and for one moment I felt as if he is an elderly figure to me and I can not afford to loose him. As if I will be left alone in my balcony if he dies. I touched his leafs gently and told him that I love you, and I don't know how to help you out. I don't want you to die. I want you to be fine again.. By any means if I am able to convey  my feelings and emotions to you, you have to be fine again..

Its been an year now and he miraculously recovered and doing fine with many new plants in my balcony. He will always remain the most special to me .. why shouldn't he be after all he is the "Grand Pa".

Plants can sense human vibes. Be it  Good or bad.. This is another form of  "Spiritual Friendship"

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  1. Kavita, one thing which i always appreciate about your blogs is that your writing style never cease to rekindle "Sah-Anunhooti" and "Maanviyata" in a reader. It seems that you observe things around you, and the way you put them in words, that's simply commendable.
    I was so very involved in the story, that was praying for Grandpa's wellness subconsciously.
    I guess its people like you for which they say "Inborn Talent"..!
    Keep rocking, miles to write dear..! :)

  2. Thank you Abhishake. You are always a motivation..


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