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Dec 16, 2012

Winter Vegetable Garden

This year when I wished a success for my Hairloom Spinach (triangular shaped leaves), Red Chinese Radish and White Salad Radish I actually didn't expect that they will come up so well. All these years in Delhi I missed this variety of Spinach which is not generally consumed here. In Uttaranchal there is a very deciduous side dish called (Palak Ka Kapa) is prepared with this type and this year I will be enjoying it right here in my Delhi Kitchen. Nothing is more tasty then your own grown food. 

Baby Spinach
Baby Spinach - in a colorful background. :)

White Salad Radish - getting mature

 Red Chinese- Roots are yet to be served however the greens were also Yummy .. Prepared a side dish with the greens in today's lunch.

This Pot had got nothing survived except these spinach Plants the first time... Lucky they are.. 

Spring onion tastes yummy when mixed with Idli batter /  Besan cheela (Indian style pan cakes made with black gram flour)

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