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Mar 4, 2013

Seeds for the Summer - 2013

Its been just a few days that I visited a gardening shop in Gopinath market near to my place. The idea was to buy some fresh seeds to plan the summer vegetable garden. Last summer I had a good experience with Bottle & Bitter gourds (link to the post) in containers which worked pretty well. This time I decide not to have just Bottle gourds but other gourds also. And not only gourds but some more vegetables too.

FIL was also accompanying me to the garden shop and we ended up with a variety of vegetables and flowers. The idea was to ensure not only green but a colorful balcony this summer. They are visiting us after a long long time and thoroughly enjoyed my balcony garden. Specially the tomato plants which started bearing fruits right after their arrival.   

Anyways with the new set of seeds I am done with my part of job and now eagerly waiting for the seedling to sprout. Come on babies ... you know how impatient I am 

And now something to sooth your eyes

Calendula's first bloom of this year

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  1. I too am always so eager for my seeds to sprout - and when they do . . . I'm instantly happy!

    Beautiful bloom on the calendula.


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