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Mar 15, 2013

Yellow beauties on my windowsill

This is the current look of the windowsill attached to my small balcony garden. Took this shot yesterday morning. What a pleasure to sit next to these containers and enjoy the greenery and the colors. These blooming colors also make me feel that Holi is in the air. One of my favorite festivals. This Holi will be really special as Mom Dad are coming to us for a few days before the temperature goes really high. It is pleasant till mid April here in Delhi post which heat sucks you. Specially people from hills who are not used to such high temperature. 

Okei.... Coming back to the Calendulas, the upper row is planted in Used Protinex tins which were about to go to the scrap. See my previous post on this. 


Another corner

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  1. How beautiful! I love all your planted containers.

  2. Thanks Eli..

    As i don't have an open space whatever I plant I have a limited space in my balcony for. Just keep on trying with flowers and veggies which suit containers.

  3. It is very great.. and encouraging to me. Do you have this seed? I want to try this in my garden.

  4. It is great and encouraging... Do you have this seeds, so that I can make my garden more beautiful

  5. Thank you Satheesh for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am not sure which part of India you belong to. Here in north India (I live in Delhi) the season for calendula is almost over. I would suggest you to check with your nearby gardening shop and get the seeds for summer flowers. You can go for Zinnia and portulaca etc. You can also order online from Bio carve seeds.

    Would love to here from you on your future gardening initiatives. All the best.


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