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May 3, 2013

First Pumpkin bloom in my balcony garden

I was up at 6 today and as usual the first thing is heading to the balcony with a cup of lemon tea. This habit gives two benefits ... I talk to my plants and strengthen my bond with them and part of this chitchat allows me to take a little bit of morning sunlight.

This morning the pumpkin vine gave me a beautiful surprise where a large yellow flower was saying hiiii? I am here. The vine is showing many buds and I hope female flowers coming up soon. If you have plants around you will have endless surprises coming your way...

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  1. Aren't they beautiful flowers? I have several volunteer pumpkin plants growing in my front garden. So far just one pumpkin forming though.


  2. Hi Eli.. They are very beautiful indeed but the sad part is they last for just a few hours. I hope once the vine grows these broad leafs will give some shelter too from the scorching sun. Have other gourds growing also along with cucumber but none has started blooming as of now. Will update on the summer garden soon just a little crunch of time these days.

  3. Hi,

    Can u please give me more details about your plant? container size, potting mix. after how many days flowers started appearing? in my plant, the older leaves turn yellow, dry and die. is this normal?



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