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Jun 8, 2016

Product review / Feedback of Sumeet Appliances, Sumeet Mixer Grinder, Sumeet Grinderman, customer care no. for Sumeet mixer grinder

Ever since I have bought a Sumeet Grinderman I was really happy to have everything going smooth in the kitchen. This purchase was influenced with the strong belief of my mother that remained intact for years. She always said nothing can beat Sumeet mixer grinder in the market when it comes to tough grindings like dry masala powders and Dosa / Idli batters at home. Then my Sister in law who was again gifted with a Sumeet mixer in her marriage supported my mother's opinion quite strongly and these reviews eventually made me replace my old Bajaj mixer grinder to a new SUMEET Grinderman.

Now i am close to complete one year using this machine I am willing to share my experiences with all of you who are either planning to purchase a Sumeet Grinderman which is no doubt an excellent product and also who are struggling with a damaged one and looking for the customer care services which are extremely pathetic. I bought this machine late in July 2015 and encountered with the very first problem in January 2016 which is within the one year warranty period.

Lets talk about the POSITIVE ASPECTS OF THIS PRODUCT first

1- Sumeet Grinderman is a 750 watt machine which comes with three jars. One for dry grinding another for wet grinding and the small one to prepare the chutnies etc., but good enough to grind almost anything in small quantity.

2- All three jars are thick plated and heavy in quality also are the lids and blades (Except the stirrer attached to the small jar) unlike many other machines which look fancy but the quality is really not that good. My previews one's jars got cracks on the edges. 

3- Also comes along with four interchangeable blades for dry grinding, wet grinding, flour kneading, meat mincing, whipping, ice crushing etc.

4- Let me assure you with my own experience that this machine is powerful enough to crush raw spices like coriander, dry challis, black pepper and garam masala etc to make a find powder. A real fine powder.

I have used almost all the attachment except the needing one because I find my food-processor more easy to wash for the kneading mess.


1- The look and feel of this product is really very basic. If you compare them with the fancy designs of other products available in the market it looks very old fashioned.

2- It creates a lot of noise because of the heavy duty motor i guess, which is disturbing to some extent.

3- The dome shaped lid attached to the chutney jar has a  feature of a stirrer at the top in order to continuously mix the content inside the jar while the mixer is working. I found this  feature just good for nothing and really not that helpful and required for such a small jar. The main problem is the plastic which is this stirrer is made of, is really low quality. Since we are a small family this is the jar which is mostly used and after using it for a while I noticed the stirrer's stick badly damaged.Plastic threads coming out because of the pressure built inside the jar while in use.
I realized this quite lately when I was grinding some black pepper and while sieving the powder I found these tiny plastic threads mixed with the powder. I have immediately stopped using this jar and carefully removed the stirrer from inside. It is better to use it without a stirrer then putting your health on stake.

4- The sealing rubber ring of the chutney jar's lid of somehow difficult to remove for cleaning and then to be placed again. The structure of the jar's lid is really complicated for cleaning and putting the lid back on place.

Now coming to the Customer Care Support of Sumeet Appliances. 

The most pathetic and hopeless after sales service arrangements I have encountered recently. I am based out of Delhi and it took more then two months to just get a small part repaired after series of conversations after the top people of the company as the ECO deals himself for each complaint and have no after sales team / customer care call center to respond. 

Read this specific post to get the contact numbers to approach if your Sumeet Mixer grinder / grinderman is not working. 

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