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Oct 13, 2012

Growing Vegetables in my Balcony - Summer (2012)

Glimpse of My Kitchen Garden

Me and hubby enjoyed our first experience of vegetable gardening in containers in our balcony. Though I always had a passion for flowers but this time we enjoyed our gardening efforts on our platter. The best part is it's all ORGANIC... with my home made compost from kitchen waste.

 Bottle gourd sapling.. 

 Turning into a vine

 A full grown vine
Its time to get the reward

 Bitter Gourd Sapling

 Turning in to vine

 Beautiful yellow flowers sprouting on the bitter gourd vine

 Time to explore bitter gourds recipies ;)
 Bottle Gourd's vine still producing fruits
"A hand pollinated one"

Today,s yield 

My first time in growing Rutabaga

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  1. Thanks amazing how u grow gourd in u tell me how you prepare manure for this. as i also love growing vegetable in my garden and pots


  2. Hi Mehul,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I prepare own kitchen waste compost for which you can find a tutorial on my blog itself. Under the "green thumb" header find "kitchen waste compost". link to it is -

    Any further help on this is most welcome.

  3. Great Share!

    I always prefer using home-made compost and the best way is using kitchen waste as your garden compost that shows excellent results and costs nothing. You just simply place a bin outside of your home and collect kitchen waste regularly and after getting decayed it becomes a healthy compost.


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