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Oct 13, 2012

Laika's Pink

It was Laika's third death anniversary this year on 
11th September 2012.

On each of her death anniversary I pray for her. I cook her favorite food and offer to the strays I feed. Bananas were her favorite and rotis with mashed banana and milk was her ultimate passion. 
She loved chocolates and so was I.. 

On this anniversary I planted a beautiful hibiscus in her sweet memory and named it " Laika's Pink". Each of its bloom is as pretty as you were Laika and I love you even more with each passing day.. 

May your soul rest in peace.

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  1. What a wonderful way to honor her sweet memory. She looks like she was a precious dog . . . and the hibiscus is beautiful.

  2. Dear Kaivi,
    What a co incidents today is the 05th death anniversary of Laika and i found your blog. May god give peace to her soul.



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