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Mar 18, 2013

Can't find "Eli's Place"

Hi Eli,

As there is no other way to let you know I am posting on my blog that - your lovely blog is not available to your readers (at least to me) and the page showing it's status as per the print screen pasted below. For last two weeks I was encountering some problem whenever I tried to open your new posts it gave a  massage  "The blog is open for invited readers only". Then it was accessible once after you commented on one of my post.

Am not sure what's wrong with this but its sad not to be able to go through your latest posts and pictures.
Hope you will be able to rectify the problem soon.



  1. Hi Kaivi.

    I was having some issues with my blog. Lost all my comments, and was having problems posting. Long story short - had to shut down the blog. I created a new one, but I'm still having problems. When I try to "follow" other blogs, I'm getting a message saying "blog owner has blocked you from following their blog". I'm not sure if you'll be able to access my new one or not - but here's the link: Basically I'm starting over, but it's spring here and a time for New Beginnings! :-)

  2. I am still not able to find the link you shared in your comment. I would suggest to check your blog settings for such operational issues. Surprisingly I have got all what you posted till 17 march. Lots and lots of stuff (more then 60 posts) got dumped in to my reading list showing that you posted all that stuff on 18 March. The last one was "Our table and benches are complete - and beautiful!" but i can't find the content as it shows "blog has been removed"

    Just let me know once you sort out the issues. would love to read your posts and in touch with you.


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