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Mar 21, 2013

Blooming Beauties

I grew these Calendulas from seeds. Easy to grow in containers and a perfect flower for balcony gardens / container gardening.Very low maintenance plants comes in different shades of yellow and orange. Calendula sowing time in north India is mid winters - first week of January and they are ready to bloom by mid February once the frost is over. I will post a tutorial based on my own experience of growing Calendulas in containers till then you enjoy the pictures of my balcony garden.

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  1. Hi. We too grow this plant in our home. Wanted to know, how to collect the seeds from flower? Do you just the dried flower, if so i dont see any seed kind of stuff in it.

  2. Let the flowers dried on the branches and once the petals are completely dried you will find the base which holds the petals. Save this base and saw it next season . you will have lovely celandulas blooming out of it..

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