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Mar 24, 2013

Gujia reminds me of Holi and Holi reminds of Gujia

Today was a busy Sunday dealing with lot of household stuff. Some gardening work at my balcony. ( a detailed post on the gardening thing later) and in the evening I started my kitchen preparation for Holi that is none other then "Gujia". A sweet preparation made with Khoya "dried whole milk" mixed with other ingredients such as sugar, cardamom, fennel seeds, dry fruits, coconut powder etc. This mixture serves as the stuffing of the Gujia. The covering of Gujia is made of all purpose flour kneaded in to soft dough. This filling goes in to small rolls of the dough, folding it and finally sealing it to ensure the filling doesn't come out. 

The best part of making Gujia for me is the carving on the outer circle. I learned this from my mother and she learned form her. A generation stuff.. :D

And the final Product :) Yumm Yummm Yummyyy

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  1. Oh Kaivi - these look amazingly delicious!

  2. Thanks Eli.. Here in India Holi is a blast of colors and food. lots of sweet and sour.. Wish I could parcel a few to you.. :)


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