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Mar 21, 2013

Experi - Minting --------- Mint

Its just a few days back that my In Laws were visiting us and I prepared a Chatni (sous) with dried Pomegranate seeds and mint leafs. FIL loved this preparation as a side dish in the dinner. While pinching the leaves I was left with a number of stems which were suppose to go the garbage bin. And then I just thought of experimenting with the cuttings and poked them in a small container without putting much efforts. The only thing which I ensured was watering them daily. And after almost ten days of patience there are finally TWO TINY LEAFS.... OMG OMG OMG

Now I only dream of having my mint tea in the evenings sitting in my balcony garden. All set to face the scorching heat with my mint preparations.... Happy happy happy.....

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  1. Wonderful! Seeing your little mint sprout even makes me happy!!!

  2. Not only mint ..A lot more is happening in my summer garden. most of the seeds which I posted earlier are ready to be transplanted. Zinnia showing good growth etc. etc. etc. A lot to tell hence a separate post on that later.


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