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Apr 7, 2013

Celebrating 10,000 views

It could be in a conventional way as "I take this opportunity to thank my readers, followers, subscribers.......... blah blah blah". I think I don't belong to this formal style of expressing my thoughts. 

I would rather say..

I thank each of that person who came to my page (accidentally, purposely), stopped by, spend a few moments here or wrote a comment. A big thanks to everyone for the first 10000 views.

(My latest capture)

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  1. Congratulations! Beautiful photo . . . where was it taken?

  2. Oh Wow.. You are back Eli.. I was actually missing you ... and thanks for your wishes. This photo is an early morning view taken from my balcony..

    After taking the shot I too realized that it has come out really good.. :D

    is you blog back in place?


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