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Apr 2, 2013

Growing Portulaca, moss rose, mini rose, miniature roses from seeds

People who want to beautify their yards / balcony gardens have an easy option of doing it with climbing roses or rose shrubs which have excellent rose bushes. Portulaca is an easy alternate and a low maintenance perennial flower. It thrives on heat and becomes a shrub if given adequate support. It serves as an excellent ground cover. In last summers i even experimented to grow it as a climbing rose on my balcony and succeeded to some extent. Portulacas are called as mini roses or  moss rose and portulaca double (name of a variety with two layer of petals one on another ) looks like miniature roses. Till this summer I always bought the cuttings from nursery where portulaca plants are available for sale. many of my friends buy these plants online as growing them from seeds looks really difficult. This summer I thought of experimenting and bought a packet of seeds. Really really tiny seeds almost invisible. I just sprinkled over the potting mix and watered  them for almost 10 days and very tiny heads popped up eventually. They were so small even to be  identified but yes they were there. Its been almost three weeks and the first bloom is there.I am yet to transplant them in pots. It is portulaca single as you can see four single petals. The packet I bought is a mix so I am expecting  the double one also to come up.. will keep you posted..

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